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Due to weather and field conditions we are temporarily suspending new investments.

Current investors will have funds returned on schedule.

For more information about when we will resume new investment opportunities
please email me at the above email address.

- T.Roach

Thank you for your consideration to give a helping hand to help others help themselves.
However, I need to make a few points very clear before you allow me to use your money.

  • TRoach Philippine Project is NOT a non profit agency, any funds you allow me to use are NOT tax deductible.

  • My INTENT is to return your funds with some interest in about six (6) months.
    However, as with any business there are NO guarantees. Though I will do everything I can for us all to profit, there are no guarantees and it is possible that we all loose money. (My funds are at risk also.)

  • I have no control over processing fees and conversion rates of other companies. However, I am always looking for, and welcome suggestions, to lower the expenses charged for these transactions.

  • PayPal currently charges me:
    2.9% of donation + $0.30 USD for USA transactions
    This means that for a $100 donation I am charged: $3.20 USD.
    For a non-USA transaction I am charged 3.9% + 0.30 USD
    This means that for a $100 donation I am charged: $4.20 USD

  • You can check the current mid-market currency rates using the following:
    Exchange-rates.Org USD - PHP
    Yahoo Finance Currency Converter
    XE Universal Currency Converter

  • On the donation page there are no set minimum or maximum amounts, you may enter any amount you wish to allow us to use.

  • While there are some minor risks with letting me use your money. Consider this, how much interest are you getting on your money for next the six months that is sitting in the bank these days? Is it helping anyone?

  • The hard working people here and I will appreciate any funds you allow us to temporarily use.

“Helping people is a good thing.
Helping people
getting your money back is

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