Philippine Project Notes:
Neighborhood destroyed by fire UPDATE June 17, 2008
By Tim Roach
Copyright 2008



Aftermath of neighborhood fire June 11, 2008Aftermath of neighborhood fire June 11, 2008 were many families lost everything, except the shirt on their back, literally.

(note: more photos are at bottom of page.)
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Family outside their shelter.

It has been several days since the fire. And sadly at the time of this writing NONE of the groups I expected would be volunteering to provide assistance did anything. 'Tis so sad they make all the "noise" about how they are here to help people but when help is really needed, they are no where to be seen.

However, I will have to give credit to a couple of sources that I did not expect. One was a foreigner that did not want a lot of credit given to him that provided many of the families with some basic cooking pots (something that many of the families desperately needed).

The other was the Seven Day Adventist Community Services Organization. Anyone that knows me realizes that I have many objections to the Seven Day Church Doctrine and some of their practices, in this case I have to give them a lot of credit for their efforts in this situation. For they brought basic supplies, to each family, from food, to mats to used clothing. There is still a lot to be done for the people but they made a big difference which helped everyone.

Seven Day Adventist Delivering Supplies

It is so very sad that other groups in the area, some with much larger budgets available to them, as of today, have not done anything.

Below are some more pictures of some of the living conditions. I didn't take pictures inside the rooms however it does not take a lot of imagination to understand that when you have several families in small government offices it is going to be very cramped, which is why so many are staying or moving into the open air covered areas.

There are also several pictures of the distribution, which the Seven Day Adventist provided.

More Pictures and Information.

another shelter
With the over crowing in the main shelter areas many people are moving to other covered but open shelters.

mom checking for lice
With crowded conditions and lack of supplies many health hazards that can happen. In this case a mom is checking her daughter for head lice.
items used for cooking
Some of the items used by families to cook their food.
(ready to eat food is not provided)
boiling drinking water
A family is starting a fire and boiling water for drinking. (safe drinking water is a problem though out the Philippines.)
Several families pooling their recourses for cooking.
cooking4.jpg - 54470 Bytes
Another shot of this set of families cooking area.
lady washing dishes
After eathing, dishes have to be washed. Water has to be carried in and dishes washed in a borrowed tub.
family outside shelter
A family sitting outside the main government shelter, telling about what happened and wondering how they are going to survive.
man waiting
A man waiting for information from the government officials.
7daydelivering2.jpg - 62765 Bytes
Seven Day Adventist bringing in much needed supplies.
7daygiftbucket2.jpg - 52197 Bytes
The basic supplies consist of a wash bucket, powdered milk, rice, some canned food, as well as other items.

One of the Adventist regional directors, explaining how the items will be handed out. Each household family name will be called and one member is to come pick up the items.
gathering2.jpg - 55193 Bytes
People starting to gather as the distribution process starts.
The first gift basket being given out.
Two families going back to their shelters after receiving the gift basket.
cloths1.jpg - 53972 Bytes
Here is where everything got a little hectic. When all the cloths came out and everyone started trying to find some that would fit their family members.
Another shot of the people getting the cloths.
7dayadv2.jpg - 53110 Bytes
A photo shoot, for the Adventist Community Services with some of the families.
betterreason.jpgSome people have asked me why I bother to try to help. When there is so much to be done and one person really cannot make that much difference. Well that might be true. I might not be able to really help all that much. Being able to make a few people smile like this, makes all the frustrations, aggravations and headaches, worthwhile.



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